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Richard Sandrak, known as “Little Hercules,” caught the public’s attention for having the strongest and most sculpted body of any 8-year-old on the planet. His rigorous workout routine and dedication helped him achieve the physique many professional bodybuilders never will. As impressive as it was, Richard’s body and lifestyle began to raise questions about his health and whether he was being forced into the sport. See the controversial life of Richard Sandrak and where he is today, after his unusual childhood as a bodybuilder.

He Started Lifting Weights At Age Two

On April 15, 1992, Richard Sandrak was born in Ukraine to martial arts world champion Pavel Sandrak and aerobics competitor Lena Sandrak. In 1994, his parents moved the family to Pennsylvania in hopes of having a better opportunity for their son.


It was here, at the age of two that his father introduced him to light weight training. It was soon clear that Richard wasn’t just good at it but also had a promising future as a bodybuilder.

Richard Showed Serious Potential


At just two years old, Richard showed serious potential in the sport. His dad promptly moved the family to California for more bodybuilding opportunities as well as exposure. He knew his son could become famous in California.

While touring a gym in California, they met trainer Frank Giardina and hired him to mentor Richard. Giardina began to work very closely with Richard and stayed with him for many years throughout his career.

Richard followed an extreme training program.

A Brutal Training Regimen


After meeting Giardina, Richard was in the gym training every day from then on. As he was still just a young boy, he didn’t always want to, but it didn’t matter. His father and trainer helped him keep his eye on the prize to be the best he could be.

While other boys his age were playing and making friends, he was doing over 600 push-ups and 300 squats each day. His coach and dad worked together on Richard to help sculpt his body.

More Than Just Gym Time


Along with the daily training regimens, Richard’s diet was equally as important. His father strictly controlled Richards’s food intake, monitoring exactly what he put into his body. The combination of intense workouts and carefully structured diet that allowed Richard’s body to show serious results.

It was during this time that he earned the title “Little Hercules” at his local gym. After spending some time perfecting his body, it was decided that Richard would begin entering competitions.

Some of the “training methods” Richard was subject to are quite controversial.

Questionable Training Methods


Although Richard was never physically forced to do anything against his will, as an adult, he recalls some rather odd training exercises. He remembers that his father would eat pizza in front of him while he could only eat lettuce to learn self-discipline.

He also had to sleep on the floor to improve his posture as well as other things that most parents would find to be mildly abusive. Richard, however, didn’t see it as abusive at the time and still doesn’t today.

Starting To Compete


By the time Richard was eight years old, he began to participate in national bodybuilding events throughout the country. He was also hired to do photo shoots and represent various companies’ health products.

As famous as he was getting in the little boy bodybuilding world, it was only a matter of time before he caught the eye of the public. Once he started attracting serious attention, he agreed to do radio and television interviews.

He was about to become a household name throughout the world.

Worldwide Attention


It wasn’t long until Richard, now known as “Little Hercules,” had become a household name. People wanted to learn more about his life. He then starred in the documentary The World’s Strongest Boy which showed his life and training practices on a day-to-day basis.

The documentary also announced that he had less than one percent body fat which began to raise some eyebrows. People also began to feel bad for him because of how much time he spent training.

Many people were concerned about Richard’s well-being.

Questions Are Raised


After the documentary was released, people began to ask questions concerning Richard’s health both physically and psychologically. It was alarming how hard he was being pushed and many wondered if it was too much. It was also clear that he wasn’t having much social interaction for his age.

Having one percent body fat isn’t considered to be healthy either, and people began to question whether he was taking testosterone or other performance-enhancing substances.

Richard’s father got into some legal trouble.

Richard Responds To The Suspicions

Lab of Top10/YouTube

Richard responded to these comments by claiming that although he did receive help from his dad, he was never pressured to work as hard as he did.

He emphasized that he was self-driven and that he wasn’t being put into any dangerous situations. However, even Richard’s trainer claimed that his dad was pushing him dangerously hard. Later, his father was sent to prison for domestic abuse. For many people, this proved that Richard’s training was inappropriate for a child.

More about the charges against Richard’s father, next.

The Beginning Of The End


When Richard was 11 years old, his father was arrested and sent to prison for domestic abuse after breaking his wife’s nose and wrist during a fight.

It was at that moment that Richard’s bodybuilding career began to quickly fizzle out and the young boy was soon forgotten. His father going to jail and his bodybuilding career slowing down at the same time was also evidence that it wasn’t just Richard’s desire to work out that kept him going. His father had clearly played a large role.

Richard decided to make a life change.

Richard Calls It Quits


With his father in prison, Richard decided to do something for himself and decided that he no longer wanted to continue with the life he was living. his mother never pressured him like his father, and was in full support of anything he wanted to pursue from that point on.

Now, he had the opportunity to live the normal life he never could before. It was finally time for him to start making friends his own age and trying new things.

A Transitional Period

Photo Credit: Michael Bezjian/WireImage

By the time he was 15, he had reduced his training to five times a week with 90-minute sessions. He also began occasionally indulging in things like pizza and soda. His live-in manager at the time, Marco Garcia, played a big role in normalizing his life.

Richard also went on to make appearances in films and raise awareness for childhood obesity. Thankfully, the public was supportive of Richard in his attempt to lead a normal life.

He didn’t disappear off the radar, though. Read on to see all the shows and films he appeared in.

Film and Media Appearances

František Fuka

During his bodybuilding career and afterward, Richard became comfortable being in front of the camera. He has been on The Howard Stern Show, where he showed off his muscles and bodybuilding skills.

Then in 2009, he debuted in his first Hollywood film Little Hercules, as well as Legends of Nethiah, and the short film Assassin Priest. Along with acting in Hollywood films, he also appeared on TV shows such as Hogan Knows Best and Inside Edition.

Quitting Bodybuilding Entirely


It wasn’t long after his father’s arrest that Richard made the personal decision to leave his old bodybuilding career in the past. As it turns out, he never loved it as much as he made people think, and he desperately wanted to try other things.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t ever even able to try being a kid because he was at the gym training the majority of the day, or his father wouldn’t let him.

Luckily, he figured out what he really liked.

Discovering His True Passions

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After quitting bodybuilding entirely, Richard had some newfound time on his hands. More than he could ever imagine was possible. Although he continued making appearances in movies and being an activist against childhood obesity, he discovered some other things that he liked.

Because he wanted to still stay in shape, he began to participate in proactive activities such as stair climbing, swimming, making home videos, and more.

You’ll never guess what he’s up to today!

Richard’s Profession


After years of being out of the public eye and doing his own thing, Richard eventually announced what he’s been up to. In a 2015 interview, Richard informed reporters that he has been working in Hollywood as a stuntman.

Whether it’s jumping off of structures or setting himself on fire, he is now working for Universal Studios where he performs in front of large crowds up to five times a day!

He Needed To Spice Up His Life


The reason that Richard likes his job so much is because it’s so different from everything most people do and definitely differernt from what he used to do. He claims that there’s a new challenge every day and that the adrenaline helps to keep him on his toes.

He claimed that there was no adrenaline in the gym working out seven hours a day lifting weights. He needed something more exciting in his life, and that excitement happens to come from lighting himself on fire on a daily basis.

No Real Regrets


When asked about his childhood and past, Richard claims that he doesn’t have any regrets. By the looks of it, he’s made up for lost time by devoting the last years to pursuing things that he actually cares about. It also probably doesn’t hurt that he is unrecognizable from the “Little Hercules” that he used to be.

In an interview, he stated “I’m proud of my past. It’s not something I don’t want people to know, it’s just that I’m not going to be stuck living it.”

He Has Many Hobbies


Throughout the years that Richard has had to himself, there are a few hobbies that Richard has described as being his favorites. Although he doesn’t spend much time in the gym anymore, he is a big fan of all kinds of cardio workouts — especially stair running.

He also continues to maintain a healthy diet although not nearly like his father used to make him. For fun, he likes to skateboard which he views as a fun and exciting way to exercise.

Future Plans


Now 28 years old, Richard is content with his position in life at the moment although he’s not a very stagnant person. Although he says he will never get back into weightlifting, he does know what he wants to do as a career.

He wants to become a quantum scientist. While that may be hard to imagine, it has been his dream for some time now to work for NASA as a space shuttle engineer. He certainly has the work ethic and determination to do so!

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Richard Sandrak, known as “Little Hercules,” caught the public’s attention for having the strongest and most sculpted body of any 8-year-old on the planet. His rigorous workout routine and dedication helped him achieve the physique many professional bodybuilders never will. As impressive as it was, Richard’s body and lifestyle...

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