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Unfortunately, there are way too many things in the world that can irritate us. Whether you only look at it or it happens to you, there’s no way of getting out of it. Here are pictures capturing those gear-grinding situations!

Cheese Is Sticky

Imagine ordering a pizza, and this is what you get when you open the box.

pizza destroyed in the box

Photo Credit: dbspeltwrong4r / Reddit

Your whole night would be over if this happened. The delivery people should be extra careful.

The Failing Butter Dish

butter doesn't fit in the butter dish

Photo Credit: friendofmany / Reddit

This is like buying a pair of gloves that are your size, but they don’t fit.

Having a butter dish that doesn’t fit your butter is a waste of space.

After The Dishes

wet pants doing dishes

Photo Credit: smor729 / Reddit

I know I’m not the only one this happens to, but why do we let it keep happening?

This person’s belly and top of their pants got drenched! They need to wear something to cover up next time they do the dishes.

Duolingo Doesn’t Let Up

duolingo notifications on your phone

Photo Credit: SomebodyButMe / Reddit

Duolingo is an excellent service if you wish to learn a new language without schooling.

The only issue is you can’t slack, or you’ll get an alert every chance they get to send it.

Just Finish The Drink

no more drink left in the fridge

Photo Credit: Reddit

How hard is it to finish a drink? There’s no point putting the bottle back in the fridge when it’s this low.

Whoever did this probably didn’t want to take out the trash.

Darn Eraser Doesn’t Work

bad eraser on paper

Photo Credit: legocuber / Reddit

Some erasers work very well. Then, you have those that make matters worse on your paper.

This is a perfect example of that. There might as well not be any eraser!

When The Cardboard Stays

cardboard still on the package

Photo Credit: jina100 / Reddit

Taking packaging off of products can be a hassle sometimes, especially when the cardboard sticks.

It’s only a minor inconvenience, but it’s still slowing you down before getting to use the items.

The Sticky Fork

fork in syrup while eating still

Photo Credit: austinjb555 / Reddit

When the fork falls into the syrup, you can forget about it. You might as well get a new one.

No one wants a sticky fork as they eat pancakes.

Super Thin Ply At Schools

toilet paper fail at school

Photo Credit: Mr_Builder132 / Reddit

Is this their way of forcing people to wash their hands after using the restroom?

Why would schools only have one-ply toilet paper for students? That seems like it’s against the law.

Getting To The Cereal

opening cereal and it gets destroyed

Photo Credit: MrP-boi / Reddit

Maybe we don’t recognize how much we really want a bowl of new cereal. The box seems to end up like this often.

It’s annoying, but it doesn’t seem like people will learn their lesson.

“My Boyfriend Lost His Fantasy Football Championship By 0.04”

losing fantasy by a little bit of points

Photo Credit: mepursell / Reddit

This was probably the worst feeling her boyfriend felt all year. Losing by that small of a margin is terrible.

It makes you not want to watch sports ever again.

Pour Carefully

cup spilling when pouring it

Photo Credit: Happy_quack / Reddit

If you don’t pour carefully when using a cup, you’ll end up having this issue with your liquid.

Cleaning up the juice or water your spilled thanks to this mistake is always annoying.

It Says Don’t Bend

delivered package and bent it

Photo Credit: brabbers / Reddit

Even though it says don’t bend, the Amazon worker still bent it. Leaving it at the door could’ve worked.

I don’t know what’s in there, but I hope it wasn’t important.

Why The Other Plastic?

double plastic on food

Photo Credit: Imgur

I know this is pretty much a mistake by the manufactures, but it’s a pain to peel back two films.

This is more of a bad luck day, but it’s still something.

Only That Light??

only one light off the track

Photo Credit: Dupree878 / Reddit

Why and how did they mess up one light? Was there a wiring issue in the ceiling?

Having to look at this as you wait for your flight could become gruesome.

Peeling An Egg Gone Wrong

peeling an egg gone wrong

Photo Credit: RedBeardMark / Reddit

They never said peeling an egg would always be easy. Sometimes getting to that protein can take a while.

Getting the white requires a sharp enough nail that doesn’t pierce too deep.

A Blurry Expiration Date

blurred expiration date

Photo Credit: Successful_Detail521 / Reddit

When the expiration date looks like this, it’s best you consume whatever it is as fast as you can.

You don’t want to eat something a week after it expired.

Get A New Brush

brush falls in the can

Photo Credit: tab232 / Reddit

This one is even worse than the fork falling into the syrup while eating your pancakes.

Painting takes a lot of time and dedication, so little annoyances like this set you back.

Started A Conversation During A Packed Time

convo at the pump during rush hour

Photo Credit: HansGruberHk / Reddit

These two finished pumping their gas, but decided to have a conversation when they were done.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but they did this during the busiest time of the day as others waited to pump.

When It Sticks To Your Skin

wristband still sticks to skin

Photo Credit: hawaiian_lab / Reddit

Putting these wristbands on is a tedious practice. One wrong move, and you’ll get a sticky wrist.

The bad part is that taking it off hurts a tad, so it’s nice to put these on your arm with accuracy.,bring,frustrating,images,lifestyle,memories,trending
Unfortunately, there are way too many things in the world that can irritate us. Whether you only look at it or it happens to you, there’s no way of getting out of it. Here are pictures capturing those gear-grinding situations!Cheese Is StickyImagine ordering a pizza, and this is what...

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