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They say it’s better to move on and not to dwell on things in the past. That is some good advice, but it never hurts to get nostalgic with positive things such as old photos. That’s why many people love recreating past images to see how far they’ve come along. Here are some great recreations you need to see.

17 Years Apart

Seventeen years later, this woman decided to let a cicada brood pose on her nose while she wore a cool leopard shirt each time.

17 years apart cicada brood

Photo Credit: tarobubbletea2 / Reddit

The only difference here is age, and her teeth got a little better.

For The Beatles

women fans beatles

Photo Credit: livingroomipad / Reddit

Fans would do anything for The Beatles when they were in their prime. Hell, they’ll still do anything for them.

This group of women had to express their love with these tattoos and a killer pose to top it off.

He Forgot The Hat

forgot the hat to complete it

Photo Credit: Lonelyland / Reddit

The four of them still look like they know how to have a great time with each other.

The only thing missing is the hat the man had in the first photo. It’s still a great recreation.

Neighbors Since Birth

neighbors since birth taken on 3rd birthday

Photo Credit: nguoiphanxu / Reddit

When you’ve been neighbors with someone since birth, it’s kind of hard to destroy that bond after becoming friends.

They would eventually go on to get married, which is a great love story. It’s sweet they wore the same outfits.

Somebody Changed More Than The Others

doggy in the middle after some years

Photo Credit: oldboy_and_the_sea / Reddit

Is it the man who grew more gray hairs? No, it’s the dog in the middle! He went from a puppy to a full-grown dog.

Seeing transformation shots of animals is always special to see. They’re precious.

From Headstart To College

headstart to college for sisters

Photo Credit: void590 / Reddit

These sisters went through their whole education journey together, and that’s beautiful to see. From headstart to college, they did it.

I wonder if they’ll go off to get their doctorate or something higher in the future.

His Sister’s Wedding

sister's marriage photo recreation

Photo Credit: DominicOH / Reddit

These siblings must have been close as children since they were able to match each other silliness in the first photo.

They thought it would be great to bring that same energy back at the sister’s wedding, and it looks great.

19 Years Later

cat photo 19 years later

Photo Credit: maaalicelaaamb / Reddit

Wow, that cat has probably seen it all. The pain, the happiness, and everything in between. That’s what you call longevity.

I wonder how many lives the little one has left after 19 years of living. That’s amazing.

“24 Years In Between”

24 years apart

Photo Credit: Ramenazi / Reddit

It’s been 24 years, and it looks like the girl still can’t believe she got stuck with those three guys.

These four must be siblings or cousins, at the least. They have a pretty good bond going.

Pops Wanted To Recreate It

pop and santa for the second time

Photo Credit: Shadrack_Meshax / Reddit

I never understood why kids cry with the man who is responsible for bringing them all their gifts on Christmas.

It’s probably the long white beard and hair that gets them. Maybe if Rudolf was there, things would be better.

The Picture On The Left Went Viral

kid in bag while mother shops

Photo Credit: TheCapChronicles / Reddit

The picture on the left went viral, so they recreated it 33 years later. Putting a baby in a bag while you shop is pretty funny.

Some might not agree with that parenting, but they need to get over it.

“My Dog, In The Same Spot, At 1 Year Old And 11 Years Old”

one year and 11 years apart

Photo Credit: qdotbones / Reddit

That’s such a good boy! Eleven years of loyalty and licks is all someone can ask for in this life.

He might have gained a little weight, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

A True Gamer

CP games since a kid

Photo Credit: Bleep-bloop3000 / Reddit

If you stuck with PC games since a kid, you’re a true champion. Many switch to consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, but not him.

Even as a kid he had that look of being hypnotized by the screen.

From 6th Grade Dance To Wedding

dance and wedding with wife and husband

Photo Credit: Imgur

Love is a crazy thing. These two danced their way into each other’s hearts in the sixth grade and never looked back.

That’s a lifetime and more of memories that they’ll be able to share with their kids.

It’s Always Spooky Season

spooky season with the cat

Photo Credit: briligerent / Reddit

This guy loves spooky season. The only thing that’s changed is the cat in the picture, but that’s to be expected sometimes.

The pumpkin got a little fancier, but that’s okay too. These two photos were taken 13 years apart.

Face Painting With Mom!

painting faces with mom

Photo Credit: hanwestwood / Reddit

It’s hard not to love face painting. You can create whatever you wish and become whoever you want.

There’s 20 years between these two pictures, which makes it even more special for them.

Growing Old Together

growing through phases with each other

Photo Credit: warverewhirlg1 / Reddit

When you grow old with someone, you both go through your individual phases. It’s sticking through them that helps you stay together.

It isn’t, but it’ll be worth it in the end if you care for that person.

“It’s All I Wanted For My 60th Birthday”

overalls recreation with mom

Photo Credit: madbear / Reddit

If this is the only thing mom wanted for her 60th birthday, then you have to make it happen.

The lads did their best finding the same outfits, and I think they did a brilliant job.

Hair Is Still There

long hair since birth

Photo Credit: smilingsun / Reddit

With hair like that, it would be a crime not to recreate a photo for the folks to witness.

She still has the same perky smile as well. She hit the hair lottery and took perfect care of it.,lifestyle,memories,perfect,photos,recreated,trending
They say it’s better to move on and not to dwell on things in the past. That is some good advice, but it never hurts to get nostalgic with positive things such as old photos. That’s why many people love recreating past images to see how far they’ve come...

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