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Everyone goes through their phase of being a total pain– yes, we’re talking about the teenage years.

And if teenagers think they have it hard, just wait until you hear what these parents of teenagers had to say about it.

That About Sums It Up

This might be the best way of explaining how well a teenager multitasks. It seems rough, but they do it with ease.

sounds right for a teen

Photo Credit: @mommajessiec / Twitter

The part about baking banana bread is the best part because they will do that.


It’ll Ruin Them

just found out they have a coat

Photo Credit: @simoncholland / Twitter

If their friends find out they have a coat, it’ll be the end of their days as they know it.

No one wants to be the kid that went to school with a coat on because the others find out how not to do it.

At Least She Tried

homework for teenager

Photo Credit: @MaryNumair / Twitter

This mother gets an E for effort. Math homework isn’t a thing to toy around with after you’re done with school.

It’s like they’re teaching kids the stuff cavemen used to do to figure out a wheel rolled.

Lunch Is Served

lunch in Seattle picked by teen

Photo Credit: @IamJackBoot / Twitter

It might not be the healthiest, but it is for sure the tastiest. This dad should stop complaining.

He’s lucky his teenager even wants to have lunch with him in the first place.

It’s A Cold Game

tough game being a parent

Photo Credit: @katierosman / Twitter

It’s a cold game raising a teenager. That’s something not everyone tells you about when you’re a parent.

They have so many mood swings while they’re navigating life before becoming an adult.

Here Comes The Eye Twitch

eye twitch from listening

Photo Credit: @Kalarigamerchic / Twitter

It’s okay not to understand everything your teenager talks about or does. You have to try at least and listen.

If listening gives you an eye twitch, you’re doing your job correctly. It’s all in a day’s work.

She Looks Pretty Good

dog years from parenting

Photo Credit: @ICantEven001 / Twitter

This tweet is pretty accurate. Not everyone has a teenager that minds their business and gets their stuff done.

Raising teens will bring out the dog in anyone. You’re going to have to deal with it.

Mom Has Had Enough

hairbrush of teenager

Photo Credit: @whinecheezits / Twitter

Do you know why mom laughed like a villain from Batman? How many times has the teen used her mom’s things without asking?

It’s probably too many times to ask. The teen won’t understand this until she grows up.

Trouble For The Roomba

roomba is scared of teens room

Photo Credit: @sweetmomissa / Twitter

If the Roomba looks both ways before turning around, there’s a serious issue going on for it.

They shouldn’t need to look both ways before starting their job. A teenager’s room is like a tornado from hell.

You Don’t Have Enough Degrees

no charge of a phone

Photo Credit: @sarcasticmommy4 / Twitter

You thought you had enough degrees and advice from others until the kid’s phone didn’t charge overnight.

Now, there’s moaning, screaming, and frustration while you’re in their presence. You better hope they can charge it at school.

Three Hours Later

he said nah three hours later

Photo Credit: @HousewifeOfHell / Twitter

Wow, it only took three hours for this kid to have a response. That’s a pretty good time if you ask me.

This mom shouldn’t be too upset with that. Usually, there’s no response, or it comes the next day.

He’s A Growing Lad

growing teens are fun to raise

Photo Credit: @mommajessiec / Twitter

It’s tough feeding a growing boy. He wants to eat anything he can get his hands on and sees.

You better go to the grocery store 100 times a week to prepare for this phase.

Living At A Hotel

teenager thinks he lives at hotel

Photo Credit: @gerrydee / Twitter

Something must have given him this impression. Did you take his bowls from his room before?

I don’t know what triggered this behavior, but it wasn’t strictly being a teenager. They have some respect for you.

A Lot Of Somethings

the floor in the teens room

Photo Credit: @RodLacroix / Twitter

You’re going to find a lot of somethings in your teenager’s room. Unless they like being clean, good luck.

Your old belt you thought went missing could be in there. Be ready to see some stuff you would never expect.

Love Them Anyway

love them anyway for being your child

Photo Credit: @functionalrandi / Twitter

The most important part about this message is that you have to love them anyway.

If you don’t, it’s going to be tougher to get the job done. That’s just the cold hard truth.

They Hate That

clothing for the weather ruins teens

Photo Credit: @HLFHM / Twitter

If there’s one thing a teenager hates, its having to wear clothes that make sense.

They want to wear the cool outfit they had planned out in their heads or something they think will impress someone.

They’ll Always Figure It Out

the password they remembered

Photo Credit: @AnaGasteyer / Twitter

There’s no way you can keep anything a secret when you’re raising a teenager. They will figure it out.

A password is one of the easiest things for them to crack. I don’t know, it just is.

Their Lives Matter More

stroke if you look

Photo Credit: @ChristiLukasiak / Twitter

The stuff your teenager has going on will always matter more to them. That’s just a fact of life.

They can look at your stuff and things are okay. Don’t ever take a gander at their phone.

That’s How It Is

you have a test reminder

Photo Credit: @functionalrandi / Twitter

Even if they lash out at you, don’t think you didn’t do the right thing. This mom was in the right.

That teen just wasn’t ready for the test and you can tell. She didn’t need to have a reminder.,lifestyle,proof,raise,teenager,trending
Everyone goes through their phase of being a total pain– yes, we’re talking about the teenage years.And if teenagers think they have it hard, just wait until you hear what these parents of teenagers had to say about it.That About Sums It UpThis might be the best way of...

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