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The internet is a wild place. You might see something that can scar you for decades, but there’s another side to that coin. You might also stumble across things that can help make your life easier. We’ve gathered those images in one place– take a look and see how these simple solutions can save you time and hassle.

Explaining The Purpose Of Ingredients

Folks always complain or wish to know what ingredients are in their products and what they’re good for.

soap use for ingredients

Photo Credit: Indykat13 / Reddit

With this label, you don’t have to wonder ever again. Some companies may not do this, but newer ones will pick it up.

Putting On Those Pesky Sheets

sheets solved for beds

Photo Credit: millenniumxl-200 / Reddit

Finally, a brand that understands where the consumer is coming from. No one wants to guess with sheets anymore.

We all want to be able to put on our bedding on the first attempt, and this helps.

Wake Me Up, Or Let Me Sleep

wake up or not blinders

Photo Credit: alngrd / Reddit

Usually, when you sleep with the mask on, you don’t want people or the light to mess with you.

With these, you can fix all of that with one simple design. Never miss a meal again.

Keep The Spatula Safe

spat stand so it doesn't touch the counter

Photo Credit: dgroove8 / Reddit

Too many times, the spatula will touch the counter while you’re cooking, and you’re forced to wash it off.

With this little stand, you’ll be in the clear the whole preparation time—a pretty good idea.

For Your Feet

feet buttons for the elevator

Photo Credit: Chrnan6710 / Reddit

I’ll be the first to admit that I usually go to the elevator with my hands full, so having this is brilliant.

You don’t have to put anything down or ask someone else to press the button for you.

Magnet Wristband

magnet bracelet

Photo Credit: Ashtronica2 / Reddit

This is the perfect idea for the handyman or woman. Having a magnet wristband gives you so much more freedom.

You won’t ever misplace a screw in the carpet again with this bad boy.

Learn Like A Pro

chess for beginners with moves on the pieces

Photo Credit: wowbobwow / Reddit

If you never knew how to play chess, game pieces like this will expedite the learning process for you.

Chess isn’t that hard once you learn where the pieces can go. It becomes a mind game after that.

Drilling Hack

drilling a hole hack

Photo Credit: cableguysmith / Reddit

Drilling a hole in the ceiling can get messy in a hurry. If you add this cone around the drill, you’re good to go.

You’ll collect the debris that falls off and won’t have to clean up any mess.

Safety First

buckle up to hear the music

Photo Credit: Leavemymarc / Reddit

Safety is always important when you’re driving your car. If they started doing this in every vehicle, accidents would go down.

Everyone loves listening to something, even if it’s the radio.

Vending Machine Help

vending help so no refunds

Photo Credit: qwerty466 / Reddit

Okay, so when will every vending machine be able to do this? I know it’s not an important industry, but our money is important.

Getting ripped off for your $1.25 after the chips got stuck isn’t a great feeling.

A Shelf For The Unwanted

don't want it shelf at market

Photo Credit: tdes / Reddit

Finally, a shelf designated for the unwanted grocery items you changed your mind about at the last second.

Stores need these on every corner. We don’t need to see a frozen chicken sitting next to the oatmeal anymore.

Changing Room Lighting

light choosing in dressing room

Photo Credit: ellesapple / Reddit

Haven’t you ever wondered what your outfit would look like if you wore it outside?

With this lighting selection tool, you can see how that would turn out. This is a very brilliant idea.

Restaurant Tells You The Truth

brownie labels for people

Photo Credit: longboarder116 / Reddit

Whether you like the corner or middle pieces, these labels will for sure let you know.

Let’s face it, some people prefer to only eat the edge slices. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Now You’ll Always Know

coffee drink differences

Photo Credit: mister86japan / Reddit

This coffee shop knows what it’s doing with this sign. I’ve always wondered what makes up a cappuccino.

Imagine Starbucks putting something like this on their wall. It would encourage a lot more spending.

A Walk Thru!

walk through for fast food

Photo Credit: ayk123 / Reddit

If you don’t have a car and don’t want to go inside, you’re in luck. This McDonald’s has a walk-thru.

Honestly, what’s taking them so long to implement this fabulous idea everywhere?

Keep The Broom Clean

comb for broom to get rid of junk

Photo Credit: GoodDickens / Reddit

Aren’t you tired of your broom getting a messy with the extra dust and junk from sweeping?

Well, this dustpan comes with a comb so you don’t have to worry about that mess anymore.

Clean Your Glasses The Right Way

clean your glasses with your shirt

Photo Credit: Marvin_k2000 / Reddit

We’re all guilty of cleaning our glasses with the cloth of our shirts. With this design, we’ll clean them the right way.

I know it’s a little detail, but it’s worth it for our glasses lenses.

Outside Drink Hack

keep flies out of your drink

Photo Credit: dmerk121 / Reddit

The flies won’t land in your drink anymore with this hack. It’s simple yet effective.

It’s such a great hack, you’d go to the store just to buy those cupcake holders if you enjoy sipping outside often.

Never Eat Chinese Food The Same

chinese takeout container you can eat off

Photo Credit: Niqalye / Reddit

Did you know your Chinese takeout container was able to transform like a Transformer? This is pretty neat.

You won’t need to use any clean plates again the next time you eat Chinese takeout.

A Movable Bench So You Can Always Be In The Shade

always in the shade for the bench

Photo Credit: shewalkinglikea / Reddit

Thanks to the tracks underneath the bench, people will always be able to sit underneath the shade.

I doubt this will get picked up everywhere, but it’s a cool idea nonetheless. Who doesn’t want the shade?,lifestyle,problems,simple,solutions,trending
The internet is a wild place. You might see something that can scar you for decades, but there’s another side to that coin. You might also stumble across things that can help make your life easier. We’ve gathered those images in one place– take a look and see how...

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