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Imagine for a moment that you have an incurable disease along with a second condition that leaves you confined to a wheelchair. Now imagine that the food delivery service you ordered from intentionally left your food out of reach, mocked you about the delivery location, and then only tried to correct the issue after your TikTok video went viral.

That’s the story of a woman named Hunter and the food delivery service Grubhub.

Hunter is sick and confined to a wheelchair

Hunter suffers from incurable leukemia and she also has Ankylosing Spondylitis, a condition that has confined her to a wheelchair.

TikTok / Lizardqween

Speaking to the team at Buzzfeed, Hunter explains, “I use a wheelchair for pain, as chemo has weakened my bones and the AS is fusing my spine. I also have significant fatigue from everything.”

Grubhub’s Delivery Driver Intentionally Caused Her Pain And Suffering

In this photo illustration the Grubhub Inc. logo seen in the...

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In a TikTok video that has now reached more than 4.3 million people, Hunter explained how a Grubhub driver went out of their way to ensure she couldn’t reach her food.

“When people talk about disability discrimination, this is kind of what they’re referencing. Yesterday, I ordered some food from Grubhub, and when my food was delivered, I received this message from my driver. … My driver, in retaliation for receiving a 26% tip — which he did not like — left my food in the middle of my driveway.”

The Delivery Wasn’t Just Inconvenient, It Actually Threw Off Her Medication Schedule And Caused Her Pain

Worst Grubhub delivery

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Hunter could have dealt with a delay in her meal if it wasn’t for the medication she takes to manage her pain, medication she can’t take on an empty stomach. The driver’s horrendous action caused issues that took time to correct.

“I am in a wheelchair, so I couldn’t go get my food in the middle of my driveway. I ended up having to wait an hour until my caregiver came home so I could eat.”

Grubhub Brushes Off Their Workers Awful Actions

TikTok Fight with GrubHub

TikTok / Lizardqween

Hunter was rightfully angry about her treatment by Grubhub’s worker and she immediately reported his actions. Instead of an apology and promise for immediate action to be taken, Hunter explains that Grubhub brushed off her complaint.

In one of her TikTok videos, Hunter explains that she had no choice but to call out Grubhub after they failed to act. “I approached Grubhub about the issue, they decided it wasn’t that big of a problem and didn’t do a whole lot. So I am hoping we can spread some awareness here as to how this is discriminatory and hopefully things like this never happen again.”

The Driver’s Actions Didn’t Stop At Dropping The Food Off In The Middle Of A Driveway

Tip Your Driver

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“He did deliberately leave my food where he did. I have a note, that hopefully comes off as polite, for anyone who delivers food to me asking them to place it by the door that’s easiest for me to get to,” Hunter explained. “I don’t list that I’m in a wheelchair in the notes, as it’s a safety issue. However, as soon as I stated in the text that I was in a wheelchair, things could’ve been better addressed by him I think.”

After Hunter sent the driver a text message saying she couldn’t reach the food because she’s in a wheelchair the driver horribly responded back with “glad to be of service.”

A 15% Off Coupon With An Expiration Date?

Grubhub 15 Percent Coupon

TikTok / Lizardqween

After a discussion about the incident with GrubHub, Hunter reveals that the company offered her a coupon that didn’t even cover the tip percentage she gave to the driver. According to GrubHub in a captured conversation that Hunter shared in her TikTok video, they offered a 15% coupon.

Adding insult to injury, the customer service representative told Hunter she only had 30 days to use the coupon.

Hunter Had To Press Grubhub To Do Better

GrubHub And Woman in a wheelchair

TikTok / Lizardqween

Rightfully not happy with the response she received from the first Grubhub employee, Hunter reached out again and this time the answer appeared to be more promising.

GrubHub told Hunter that they would escalate her complaint and provide her with the “best” resolution.

A $100 Apology Only Because Of Her Viral Video?

100 Dollar Gift Card From Grubhub Over Poorly Delivered Food to Woman in a wheelchair

TikTok / Lizardqween

In a follow-up email the team at GrubHub said they couldn’t share what happened to the driver but promised that they are working to ensure a similar action never happens to another customer in the future.

The Grubhub representative also revealed that they were refunding Hunter’s original order and giving her a $100 gift card. Hunter believes the company was only acting in this manner because her viral video was seen by millions of people.

Using Her Platform To Bring About Change

Company Logos

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Despite her horrible experience with the Grubhub delivery driver, Hunter has decided to turn her poor service into a teachable moment.

Buzzfeed reports that Hunter just wants “drivers to understand that their services impact people in ways they probably aren’t even aware.”

Grubhub Finally Caved And Terminated The Driver

Grubhub Fires driver

Twitter / @huesofhunter

Taking her fight to Twitter, Hunter tweeted: “Hey @Grubhub @Grubhub_Care is there a reason I had to fight to get a 15% off next meal coupon and tip removed for when your driver left food in my driveway because they weren’t happy with a 25% tip? Particularly when I’m in a WHEELCHAIR?!?”

The company finally caved and explained that the driver was fired, writing, “We’ve heard all your concerns and want you to know we take this matter very seriously. Grubhub has a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory behavior from our delivery partners and after investigating this incident have ended the driver’s contract.”

Here’s to hoping the company has learned from this experience and brings about some much-needed change.,food,grubhub,trending,woman
Imagine for a moment that you have an incurable disease along with a second condition that leaves you confined to a wheelchair. Now imagine that the food delivery service you ordered from intentionally left your food out of reach, mocked you about the delivery location, and then only tried...

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