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I want to leave. A phrase people usually go-to a lot, especially when things get weird. Thankfully, there’s an account that has photos that breeds moments like that. Take a look at this pictures and see these hilarious moments.

He’s In Trouble

To me, it looks like this man is in trouble with both of these ladies. Perhaps he lead one of them on or something?

women confront man in telletubbie

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

I don’t know what the situation is here, but it looks pretty concerning.

End This Madness

pizza flavored pringles with pineapple

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

Someone took this too far with this. Pineapple on pizza is debatable, and so is pineapple on pizza-flavored Pringles.

This seems like it would be worse than eating it on the pizza.

Posing With Junk?

nice photo next to plastic

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

This is like when you take a selfie in your room wearing a great outfit, post it on socials, but your room is a mess.

What was she trying to do with this, raise awareness of all the junk that washes up on the beach?

Make Sure To Hold Them Right

holding trees in the trunk

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

I don’t know what this person is up to, and it doesn’t make any sense no matter how you look at it.

I can’t tell if they’re going to drive the whole way home like that or not.

Say It Ain’t So

what looks like a squirrel fried at popeyes

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

Please, so that isn’t what I think it is. Did Popeyes fry a squirrel or a rat?

There’s no reason for a piece of chicken to look like that. This is insane.

Minding Her Business

sitting like a minion

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

There’s nothing to see here except some lady in a Minions outfit sitting with her legs crossed.

Maybe this was on Halloween, and she was waiting on her other friends to show up.

The Grim Reaper Fest?

grim reapers walking a dog

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

Since when did the grim reapers have a festival to call their own? This is beyond strange.

They even have a dog tagging along with them. This is too much to take in at once.

The Longest Walk

long walk to the toilet

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

This has to be the longest walk to the toilet. Why is this hall so darn long?

It’s almost creepy, but I can see some people appreciating this idea for their restroom.

A Hard Pass

whatsapp flavored ice cream

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

Why would any establishment want to invent this flavor? What does it taste like, old keyboard?

This doesn’t make any sense, and I hope no one ever tries it in their lifetime.

What Could Go Wrong?

doing construction while people eat

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

I can think of one thing that could go wrong with this, and it’s called a lawsuit.

This might not be in America, but even so, this is wild. Those people are eating!

Zoom Trick

fake head for the zoom call

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

This might become the new trick for everyone who has early video calls for work.

That doll head looks nothing like the woman sleeping, but it’s close enough to pass for her.

Take A Sip

a drinking bear

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

Whoever was in that suit was thirsty enough to take a swig of something in the craziest way.

What if they missed and spilled all the liquid over them? That wouldn’t be fun.

Snake Outfit

snake wearing a custom sweater

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

I’ve never seen a snake with a sweater before, but this seems pretty cool. I wonder if it likes it in there.

It can’t be too bad, but I don’t think the snake appreciates it.

A Sexy Cat?

cat taking a pose

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

This cat has too much charisma for its own good. How did it even learn how to pose like that?

Has been watching too much human TV or did someone teach it?

Order Is Up

pizza on the ground in the bathroom

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

Putting food on the ground is one thing, but putting it on the floor of a bathroom is doing too much.

What on earth is going on here? They would have to pay me to eat that pizza.

Smells Like Divorce In Here

smells like divorce in here

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

Have you ever wondered what regret smells like? Probably like this candle does. That’s the best way to put this.

Getting a divorce could lead to happiness, but you’re going to regret wasting all that money.

Ratatouille Serving Up Something Special

it looks like ratatouille is cooking

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

Who let Ratatouille get on the stove like this? He even has a spoon small enough for him.

This looks premeditated, but I hope this isn’t a restaurant. It better be someone’s home.

A Cat’s Dream

stairs perfect for a cat

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

This is what someone’s stairs look like and it’s pretty wild. A cat would love this too much.

For a human, this might be too much to do every day on your way to work.

No Way They Finish That

fries for everyone to eat

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

If they found a way to finish all those fries, I salute them. McDonald’s does have some of the best fries in the fast food game.

Still, that is an insane amount of food for those friends.

That Isn’t Louis V

not Louis V but something else

Photo Credit: @iwanttoleaveok / Instagram

That isn’t Louis Vuitton, but Lord Voldemort. Kudos to her for such a nice jacket.

The idea behind it is genius, but some might become disappointed that it isn’t real LV.,hilarious,lifestyle,no,photos,trending
I want to leave. A phrase people usually go-to a lot, especially when things get weird. Thankfully, there’s an account that has photos that breeds moments like that. Take a look at this pictures and see these hilarious moments.He’s In TroubleTo me, it looks like this man is in...

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