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Being direct doesn’t always get you what you want. These photos perfectly show how you can get by in life being a master of passive aggressive behavior.

It’s all gravy, so long as you’re on the right side of it.

The Look on His Face Says It All

“Locked my cat in the bathroom while I made a meal because he was being annoying. Revenge was had.”

cat takes revenge at toilet

Photo Credit: GreyGhostPhoto / Reddit

Even from the way that cat is looking over, you can tell it knows exactly what it did.

They’ll Show You Backwards

tp backwards in bathroom

Photo Credit: Lapoon / Reddit

“I told my roommate he was putting the toilet paper on backward and then I find this.”

If this is backward then how was the toilet paper even placed prior? There are only two ways to put it through…

Message Delivered

Photo Credit: freekyfrogy / Reddit

If you’re going to deliver bad news, this at least makes taking it a little more bearable.

You might be too distracted by the effort it took to set it to actually be upset at what it says.

Such A Simple Dream

I have a dream speech about dishes

Photo Credit: pestoner / Reddit

If only all dreams could have such simple solutions… Also, this has got to be the number one roommate problem.

What’s so hard about taking two minutes to wash a dish right after you use it?

Interesting Choice of Footwear

upstairs neighbours fav shoes made of gravol

Photo Credit: grey_iguana / Reddit

With the amount of heavy stomping some upstairs neighbors sound like, it’s often only safe to assume that it’s due to them walking around in shoes made of cement.

How else could they cause so much rumble?

Revenge Is Best Served Cold

woman holds sandwich at north pole

Photo Credit: adehameister / Facebook

“Tonight (it never gets dark this time of year) I skied back to the Pole again… to take this photo for all those men who commented, ‘Make me a sandwich’ on my TEDX Talk.

I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese), now ski 37 days and 600km to the South Pole and you can eat it.”

Someone dare ask her again to make a sandwich.

The Scariest Halloween Costume

man dressed as dressed up ex wife

Photo Credit: ketchuppacket / Reddit

“My Uncle’s Halloween costume is the scariest thing he’s ever known, his ex-wife.”

One has to wonder if the mustache is part of the costume too because the rest of the makeup is done with incredible talent.

From Christmas Spirit To Grinch

reinder stolen and replaced with photos

Photo Credit: PrincessAlterEgo / Reddit

“My neighbor got his reindeer decorations stolen so they put out grinch ones instead.”

If they won’t let you share the Christmas spirit then you might as well join them in being the grinch and call them out!

Missing Some Privacy

frosty glass only works on one side for bathroom annoucement

Photo Credit: ekoorb12 / Reddit

“My sister and her husband live in a small town, they came home to this note on their door.”

One can only imagine how many breaches of privacy it took before the neighbors finally decided to say something.

A WI-FI Civil War

You're music is annoying wifi name

Photo Credit: CaptainTyborc / Reddit

The risk with making your concerns so public that it becomes unclear who you’re even talking to.

You could start a full-on war with all your neighbors who will just assume they’re the target.

That’s A Lot of Ink

stop loud south park sex poster in printer

Photo Credit: emzieees / Reddit

Out of all the ways that they could’ve expressed their concerns, maybe using up a whole cartridge of ink for this poster was still a bit wasteful.

They probably thought they were softening the blow.

Down Memory Lane

ex on street in front of car

Photo Credit: emzieees / Instagram

Some people go down memory lane to reminisce about the good times they once shared with an ex.

While some others, wish their ex was down the lane so they could run them over instead.

That Love Is Dead

ex turned into death tattoo

Photo Credit: recklessbehav / Reddit

This is exactly why they warn against getting tattoos of significant others.

If the damage is already done, you might as well find a creative way to fix it. What better way than a metaphor about how dead that love truly is?

The Heart Of An Ex

heart made out of cie

Photo Credit: breguet / Imgur

They say breakups bring out people’s real colors. Some turn out to have a cold heart completely made out of ice as pictured above.

It’s the only logical explanation for their cruel behavior.

Thank You To All Except One

dedication to everyone except one

Photo Credit: brianklaas / Reddit

I wouldn’t even be able to read the paper past that introduction.

I would be on a mission to find out who that one exception was and what they did to deserve being called out like that.

Mom Could Work On Her Math Skills

mom is average at math homework but great at being a mom

Photo Credit: itsmrroyster / Reddit

At least what she lacks in math home work skills she makes up in just being a mom. Although why is the cooking dinner not available?

Are they just trying to not hurt her feelings?

“Shut Your Kids Up”

Photo Credit: Wheezy__T / Reddit

This one’s simply rude.

They clearly don’t have children of their own, otherwise, they would know that little human beings don’t come with volume remote buttons, not to mention, have a mind of their own.

A New Kind of Scale

Photo Credit: Saintrph / Reddit

We’ve all seen evangelical messages on car windows, but being called out by one is new. This is quite the twist on the “what would Jesus do” stickers.

I wonder how close you had to be to the car to be able to read it.

A Word With The Tooth Fairy

dear tooth fairy, you forgot me

Photo Credit: judokitten / Reddit

“My dad found my passive aggressive note that I wrote to the tooth fairy. It was better than I remember.”

To be fair if the tooth fairy forgot about you not once, but twice, you’d be offended too. Imagine how bad the dad felt when he found the letter.

“While She Sleeps” Is Just Trying To Survive

while she sleeps poster ad

Photo Credit: ads90 / Reddit

This UK metal band realized that honest might be the best policy after all.

They’re making it known that their rent money is now in your hands, so what are you going to do about it?

“Hiring But Not Rehiring”

subway hiring  but not rehiring ad

Photo Credit: kayluhb / Reddit

You’d think that if you were let go of a job, it’s probably a safe bet that you shouldn’t try to re-apply.

Clearly, there was a reason that Subway felt necessary to highlight that.

Maybe Something Was Lost In Translation

Photo Credit: Leifeo / Reddit

This shirt from China is problematic for a few reasons. Given that the shirt is completely shapeless and lacking design, “pretty on the outside” doesn’t apply.

Second does that mean that you’re not pretty on the inside too?

Free Yoga Lesson

free yoga lesson on picking up dog poop

Photo Credit: Londonroll / Instagram

Although any yoga enthousiast that a downward dog position is a little more complicated than that, this is still a funny way to get the message across.

It’s a win win, you get some exercice while simultaneously keeping the area clean.

A Christmas Present That Speaks For Itself

celebration of being average book

Photo Credit: j_amesmarriott / Twitter

This is the kind of gift that yo give someone so that the words on the page can say what you wouldn’t dare speak of yourself.

No one wants to celebrate being “average” and “ordinary.”

A Farewell Message

hung laundry spell out

Photo Credit: DBentleyMiller / Twitter

“I fell out with my girlfriend this morning, but before leaving for work she pegged the washing out.”

It’s actually quite impressive that she was able to work with the position of the sun and the shadows in such a clear way.

Only Eat If You Can Clean Up The Mess

robbie's flow chart when hungry

Photo Credit: biscoff_nutella / Reddit

“My wife made me a passive aggressive flow chart to use every time I get hungry.”

This seems fair. The husband is a grown man. His wife shouldn’t suffer the mess he makes just because he’s hungry. She gets hungry too…

Could Be Solved With A Conversation

discuss objection to closing the gates note

Photo Credit: ChopsMagee / Reddit

Petty revenge and passive agressive behavior is not an incurable disease.

It could actually be solved with a remedy known as “communication.” if both parties actually agree to it.

Too Much Cleavage

text from mom about drawn out cleavage says

Photo Credit: clur19 / Twitter

“I love a good passive-aggressive text about my clothing choices from my mom in the morning.”

Thanks for unsolicited advice, mom!

Tastes Like Sweet Petty Revenge

mustard donut filling replaced

Photo Credit: ufcdannyboy / Twitter

“Lad at work just eats everyone’s treats. Tomorrow will be a surprise for him.”

Another solution would have been to ask him not to do that. There’s no way to guarantee that he’ll be the only one to grab a donut out of that full bag in the communal office kitchen.

Tailgate Warning

Photo Credit: balasurr / Reddit

No one appreciates when a car is driving up right up behind them. It’s not even a question of preference but of safety.

That extra inch could be what prevents them from driving right into you if you brake suddenly.,go,lifestyle,passive,proof,trending,way
Being direct doesn’t always get you what you want. These photos perfectly show how you can get by in life being a master of passive aggressive behavior.It’s all gravy, so long as you’re on the right side of it.The Look on His Face Says It All“Locked my cat in...

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